Payroll Software for Peachtree


Stand-Alone Payroll Software that is Compatible With Peachtree (Sage 50).

$99 Per Year for up to 10 Companies and 75 Employees per Company.

Export Payroll Data to Peachtree with One Click.

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We work to make running payroll easy and affordable.

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Payroll Software Features

Full Featured Payroll Software

Ideal for any size business, from a small repair shop employing a few employees, to a bank processing payroll for many hundreds of employees. Calculates federal, state and local payroll taxes. Prints professional checks and check stubs. Eliminates need for Peachtree payroll updates, tax tables or payroll formulas.

Imports Employees from Peachtree

This feature is essential for any business trying to import a large number of employees from Peachtree. The import processes is easy and smooth. A report needs to be exported from Peachtree and then imported inside the payroll software.

Exports Payroll Data to Peachtree

No payroll system is complete without the ability to export payroll data to accounting software. The payroll system comes with a dedicated screen for exporting data to Peachtree, where the transactions become part of the general ledger.

Free Technical Support

Free support is available by phone (toll-free), email, online chat, PDF tutorials, teaching videos and more. Free support is available for the whole tax year the software is purchased for. For example if you purchase 2014 software, support is available for the whole 2014 year.

Free Updates Through out the Year

Payroll tax tables, regulations, rules and requirements change every day. This is why the system comes with a built-in auto update mechanism. For example if a state changes the withholding tables then the software auto downloads a new update with the new calculations. It's very important to always check for and install new updates.

Free Trial

Download risk-free trial and see if the software fits your special payroll processing needs and requirements. You can setup employees and print checks. You can also try the ability to import employees from Peachtree and exporting payroll data to Peachtree on payday. The download is also compatible with the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 8.

Payroll Software Free Trial

Size: 12Mb

System: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/2000

Licence: Free Trial

Installation Instructions

Step 1. Click the Download Button.

Step 2. Click Run, and then Click Yes.

Step 3. Follow the Installation Wizard.

Step 4. Run the software by clicking the icon on the desktop.